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Jan 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
of 800 men. those that took bet at that blockers were less likely to have alzheimer's and dementia. >> when you have blood pressure there's enormous force on the arteries. if we take a medication like bet at that blocker where the force on the arteries is decreased, it decreases the possibilities of damaging the arteries which actually leads to dementia. >> the study us did not prove bet at that blockers prevents dementia, the doctor says it's good news. >> if you're already on a bet at that blocker, we know they're effective. maybe they're protecting against dementia. >> franklin likes the idea that a drug he needs for his heart may also be helping his brain. >> if i'm getting extra benefit, i certainly like that. >> there's no dementia in his family, but he says everyone worries about that when they get older. high blood pressure is bad for your smart brain. your best approach is to take care of yourself, exercise, keep a healthy weight, cut down on salt and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. if you're being treated for high blood pressure,
Jan 28, 2013 5:00pm PST
insider phil angelides at insider phil matier reports. >> reporter: first we had to get the bet out of the way. here's the mayor and we'll take it from there. >> we haven't gotten all the details. but mayor of baltimore is a real bright lady. i really like her. stephanie rawlings blake. and we know we both have crab. she has the blue crab and i have the dungeness crab here so we already have part of the bet. the loser has to fly to the winning city put on the bib and go down to their favorite place and crack the crab in front of all the cameras. >> reporter: while the super bowl is getting all the attention, for mayor lee it's just the start. >> it is i think going to be a great kickoff but i still think there's more to come. >> reporter: it could be one of the biggest sport years in the city's history leading off with the baseball world classic at at&t park. >> that's just right on the heels of winning the world series. and then before your head can turn around we have 55 days of sailing on our bay with the louie vuitton cup happening the 4th o
Jan 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
no, you'll be deceived he could be a pro ball player. he wants to be a lawyer. i'll bet he wants to be a ballplayer. but if you're gonna marry him, it'll be better if he's a lawyer. why? then he won't be on the road. all those baseball hussies? who said anything about getting married? it never crossed your mind? he keeps saying he has something that he wants to talk to me about. he sounds real nervous. ( giggles ) he's such a little boy. hey, baby, how about a date? ♪ seems like the other day ♪ my baby went away ♪ he went away across the sea ♪ he said that we were through ♪ hey, hey, college boy. did you see, uh, callison choke in the ninth inning last night? he didn't choke. the ump robbed him. that last pitch was low and inside. ♪ oh, no that last pitch ♪ oh, no, no, no, no nside. ♪ remember ♪ walking in the sand... these degenerates. you know... you're not like the rest of them. 'cause i play baseball? are you sure you're a fag? are you sure you're italian? ♪ whatever happened to gin? ♪ the boy that i once knew? ♪ what will i do with it now? ♪ remembe
Jan 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
. maybe stay away from the ocean. >> be smart if you're going to the beach, but bet you a lot of folks will head down there. maybe a stroll by the water. stay out of the water, because it's go doing be rough there. but the weather is going to be near perfect. we caught the sunset at exactly the right time. our mount vaca cam, the sun just dropping below the horizon. gorgeous view there. cirrus cloud cover that's out there making the colors of the sunset spread out even more. check out temperatures. so much milder than yesterday. some of you, 5 degrees milder. concord at 58. santa rosa, 58. san jose, 59. 60s in oakland, 66 today. san jose also hit the mid-60s. as expected with all that sunshine, nothing on the radar. tonight for the first time in about a week, week and a half, i think everybody stays above freezing. that's you in fairfield, 34. santa rosa, 34. 42 for oakland. san francisco down to 44. redwood city, 41 degrees. we are still trending milder. two things i want to point out here. one, that deflect tore shield, big bubble of high pressur
Jan 22, 2013 5:00pm PST
tv's the end on the the rock stars. >> reporter: brian cooley says your best bet is plasma. >> they're not as thin as many of the led/lcd's not as sexy if you will and 2e7bd to be thought of as an older technology. we did our list of the best cheap, best value and best high- end flat panel t.v. and a plasma model, one in every single category. >> reporter: with a higher refresh rate, meraz mas handle motion better, meaning that touchdown pass will be crystal clear and they law for better off angle viewing. >> you have the focus over to watch the game you can overpack the living room people are sitting left and right trying to see the screen. plaza ma is very good at that. >> reporter: while l.e.d.'s may not be ideal for the big game their picture is brighter and more vibrant for every day viewing. when choosing a t.v., cooley says size does matter. think 50 inch for the average living room, which you should be able to find for under a grand. and while he says you do definitely want a 1080p, just how smart does your t.v. really need to b
Jan 8, 2013 5:00pm PST
's the whole idea. george sanchez says his parklet will cost him and his partners $25,000. they are betting the cost will be easy to swallow. >> we're anticipating a 15 to 20% jump in business because of this. >> reporter: and people here in san jose especially the business owners will be watching this city council vote very closely because they want to put those parklets in front of their businesses here in downtown san jose as well as in willow glen. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. >>> checking bay area headlines, workers at the oakland school district headquarters arrived at work to find their building flooded. someone apparently left the water running in a custodian closet all night. the water damaged every floor of that building on second avenue near lake merritt. damage significant enough, the staff will have to move to another building during repairs. >>> a close call at a landmark shopping center in palo alto. the car you see there drove into one of the stores at town & country village on el camino real. it happened just after 2 p
Jan 11, 2013 5:00pm PST
that number, i will bet you 20 to 25 of them have come with justin smith as the setup guy taking two so aldon can wrap underneath. >> michael james runs it back. >> how many tweets did you get back in the locker room after that victory? >> i have no idea. i mean, my phone was just blowing up. >> you were a spectator the first time around when the 49ers beat the packers in green bay. still, it was your first nfl experience. how was it for you then? >> reporter: i was kind of mind- blowing. it was fun actually sit on the sideline and watch. i had never seen a nfl game before in my life so that was my first game. >> those guys are going to have insight you haven't even thought of. that's "49er preview" 7:00 right here on cbs 5 after the newscast. you're not going to want to miss it. >> more than just what's your favorite color? >> more than i feel it's going to be -- yeah. exactly. >> thank you, vern. >>> this move is usually reserved for a rodeo, not on a frozen pond. but because it couldn't get good footing, crews lassoed a deer trapped on the ic
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7